A look into October...

After an eventful weekend in the weather department things have calmed down considerably the past two days, with scattered showers (heavy at times) and blustery conditions.

Typical, October.  

Two day short-term forecast: 

Wednesday: AM showers, then mainly cloudy for the afternoon. Unseasonably cool, with a high of 12 or 13 degrees.

Thursday: Best day of the week for those sun fans. Skies will clear, temperatures will warm a tad, and winds will be fairly light. Look for a high around 15 (hopefully).  

Friday through Sunday: Models still a little uncertain, but it might be prudent to pack an umbrella for the weekend when you head out the door. You know the drill Vancouver, it's umbrella season (and blanket season I might add). 




In honour of our wettest September in recent memory when it felt like our forests would turn to oceans, I'd like to showcase an unusual lake in Kazakhstan.

Meet Lake Kaindy.

A lake with a spectacular underwater forest (say what?!). The water temperature is very cold year-round and freezes during the wintertime. The dried tops of the spruce trees protrude from the surface, creating a visually stunning image. The pine needles below the surface are still intact and on the trees.