Beautiful Thanksgiving Monday (Compliments of the Ω block)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming contest announcement later this week.  

But back to the weather.

A beautiful high pressure system is in the process of building offshore and it's creating an omega blacking pattern (Looks similar to the Greek letter 'omega')..

The omega block has a giant area of high pressure that prevents west to east wind flow. Instead, sunny fair weather stay for several days under the ridge, with this type of atmospheric pattern. Right side of the omega block also tends to be cooler, which will be the case (take a look at the forecast for Thunder Bay's weekend forecast.)   

I present to you your Thanksgiving 5 pm temperatures. Reds (areas inland from the water float between the 16-18°C range.

Monday evening 5pm .jpg

Last post there was a discussion on how this Thanksgiving will stack up against others since post-1990. Find the older post here.

Rough guide for tomorrow's temperatures and how we'll end up ranking to previous Thanksgivings.  

  • 15°C: Top 5
  • 17C: Top 3  
  • >17.7°C: Warmest since at least 1990!

I have a high confidence that tomorrow's high temperature at YVR will fall between 15-17°C, with warmer temperatures later in the week.

FYI, Vancouver, the latest date YVR reached 20°C is October 21st according to this article by Weather Network  meteorologist Rob Davis. Time is a factor, as daylight is rapidly disappearing by the minutes...

There's also a small disturbance moving through the area on Tuesday, but it won't pose much in the threat of precipitation.   

Morning fog will be a big threat for the early morning hours with the strong radiation cooling that will take place this week at nighttime. Light winds will also foster fog growth, and the soils are relatively saturated around the coast, which will increase in patchy fog especially in valleys and near the beaches.

It's a little hard to pin down the warmest day for the week, since there's not a lot of confidence in the models...but if I had to wager a guess it's looking like late in the week (Wednesday or Thursday).  

Enjoy your holiday Monday.





Did you know?

Some might argue Vancouver's weather will be a little bit bland and boring this that got me thinking, as I'm going to have to work a little harder to spice things up around here.

Who owns the dullest blog in the world (better not say 50 Shades of Van!)?

Read a couple entries from this masterpiece.  .

Wild stuff.

Then come back to 50 Shades and find out how riveting, interesting, and dynamic our Vancouver weather truly is!