A farewell to #Fogcouver

If you noticed there's a thicker marine layer this morning, you're not imagining things...

 Current satellite imagery for Friday afternoon

Current satellite imagery for Friday afternoon

An upper level low is traversing through the region, bringing some more clouds and little in the way of precipitation. I expect things to remain dry for the time being, but with a heightened risk of drizzle with the thicker layer of stratus.

If that drizzle falls to more than a trace at YVR (anything more than just uniformly wetting the pavement), our dry streak will come to an abrupt halt at 18 days.

INCREDIBLE for October.

It's the longest October dry streak in recent memory and CBC meteorologist Johanna Waggstaffe (see her weather blog here)  dug up some interesting statistics on our current dry and foggy streak, which could also enter the books as a top 3 longest fog stretches since records have been kept.

But to quote Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin,'  as this meridional jet stream pattern will switch back to our typical fall zonal flow, eventually.

Before we get back to the zonal flow, things will get mildly interesting as some modified artic air will make it's way into Vancouver and some coastal regions (Thanks to a strong high pressure system) which will mix out of lovely inversion which we've been stuck under for over 10 days now. It fact, it will cold enough in Calgary for up to 10 cm of snow tomorrow for them. Jealous?  

The dry northerly flow will bring with it an enhanced risk of frost for areas away from the water and in low-lying areas early next week.

I'm thinking  areas in the eastern Fraser Valley/Abbotsford are at the highest risk. Take this as your first unofficial frost warning to protect your assets (crops, plants, pipes, sprinklers, children etc.).  

Gusty winds can also be expected from this building high pressure system/arctic front, so just be aware there will be a bite to the wind come Sunday afternoon/evening.  

I don't want to go out on a limb and say anything about Halloween just yet. Be patient...we'll know more early next week.  



Did you know? 

One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world didn't exist in 1980!

Shenzhen (1983): Little more than a small fishing village


A Chinese government economic program was implemented to spur growth, and the area and region grew to become Shenzhen, with it's surrounding municipalities having a combined population close to 50 million.

Current Shenzhen: True definition of an insta-city.