Pesky low level cloud and the little lightbulb that could

Lot's of low level cloud around the ocean this morning and early afternoon...

It's always a challenge  to predict when this will burn off, depending on how much mixing you get in the atmosphere.

Still a NW flow, but if the sun does shine, expect temps in the mid teens. If not, 12 or 13 is a more reasonable estimate.

Have no fear, an upper level ridge is approaching southern BC and should influence our weather for at least the next couple days. Models are still have a rough time in pinning down the arrival of our next front. The weekend is looking much more civilized since last model runs a couple days ago. The front may hold off until late Sunday or Monday now.

You might want to consider heading up a mountain if you would like a guarantee of warmer, sunnier conditions, especially north of Vancouver (for today anyway).

But, good news, even over the past two hours low level cloud is seen dissipating over satellite imagery. Yahoo!  

The past couple of days we've been in a minor geomagnetic storm compliments of a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the surface of the sun. Some of the photographs of the Northern Lights have been breathtaking!




Did you know?

What's the oldest piece of running electronics in your house? Fridge? TV? An old record player?  

Well, in 1901 the fire department in Livermore, California installed one of the first electric carbon lightbulbs. These were much safer, and obviously encouraged by firefighters since it was obvious they could prevent house fires.  

Here it is today:  

The inventor was Adolphne A. Chaillet and was made with help from the Shelby Electric Company. The bulb has been continuously on for over 100 years, except for a couple power outages that lasted several hours. She always turns back on, 40,000+ days and counting.


Read more about what makes a Shelby lightbulb so superior to your average incandescent today:  

They also have a great webcam of the bulb, which in my opinion, is a pretty stellar use for a webcam...