Turkey on the Patio?

Last Thanksgiving we were blessed with abnormally warm temperatures and after being spoiled with an exceptional summer, Mother Nature has another beautiful Thanksgiving in store for us!

Check out this temperature anomaly map using 1981-2010 climatology data for next Monday evening-- a very impressive ridge building in.

GFS temp anomoly valid Monday evening.png

How will this stack up against past Thanksgivings? Don't worry, I've done the dirty work for YVR high temperatures for the previous dates  since 1990. The range includes last years sweltering 17.7°C to 2008's bone-chilling 11.6°C. Quite the range... 

Thanksgiving temps.png

Will it be warm enough to have turkey outside this weekend? Probably not, but I still except this Thanksgiving to be one of the warmest since 1990.  





Bonus: Did you know? 

The Story of Prisoner C2559

Pep was an accused murderer. The year was 1924. He was accused of killing a family member of the governor of Pennsylvania.

Pep was forced to spend the rest of his life at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  

Here's a photo of the inmate, to help paint a better picture: 

The newspaper twisted a story and fabricated a tale of "Pep the Black" killing one of the governor's cats, who then sentenced the dog to life in prison (which is 29 years for a dog by the way!).

The story is still up for debate weather the dog was sent to prison to become a therapy dog, or for the alleged killing, but Pep was innocent nevertheless!

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2325538/How-Pep-dog-sentenced-life-prison-framed-killing-Pennsylvania-governors-beloved-cat.html