Fall's First Fury

Thursday afternoon/evening will bring the first extratropical cyclone to the British Columbia coast.  Several models have it deepening to 970-975 millibars of pressure and passing just west of Haida Gwaii.  

 NAM model 8 pm PST Thursday

NAM model 8 pm PST Thursday

The areas outlined in red will be of greatest concern with winds likely approaching warning criteria. The first storm of the year is often understated in importance, but shouldn't be taken lightly. A lot of foliage remains on the trees and vegetation, which will make the trees more susceptible to failure. Tomorrow I'll post about the cold front associated with the system that will impact Vancouver late Thursday night and Friday.




Have you ever wished a full week would just disappear? How about 11 days? Well, in September of the year 1752 the British Empire adopted a different calendar switching from the Julian calender on September 2nd to a Gregorian calendar on September 14th. 

This is simply because a Julian year is 11 days longer than a Gregorian year, so King George II simply wiped those days of the calender. It's been cited that workers were still paid for the full month!

Source: http://www.adsb.co.uk/date_and_time/calendar_reform_1752/