A Failing Front and a Stormy Sunday

Hey Vancouver, 

Rain should hold off until after 7pm today. For the north Island, can't say the same for you, as the front has stalled (compliments of a high pressure system blocking the front in the USA). Once it reaches Vancouver, the system will have significantly weakened, so just periods of light rain for tonight. Sunny breaks today though!

front 11am.png

Sunday is looking somewhat interesting, as a much stronger frontal system will make landfall. Strong winds and heavier rains will be a factor, so wind/rainfall warnings will be likely. Gale warnings in the Georgia Strait are looking probable as well. I'll update this weather event more on Saturday!

But, as of right now Sunday afternoon is looking like the period we have to keep an eye on. All of the trees still have their leaves, so power outages are a possibility with the extra weight.

I'll keep you updated.



Q: Is it possible a large animal exists, but just hasn't been discovered yet? 

A: Yeah, it is, but it's becoming more and more unlikely, especially on land. The remains of the Saola were discovered by scientists in 1992, but up until 2010 it had never been officially documented alive. The saola has a very limited habitat in the Annamite Range of Vietnam and Laos. 



So this means some of the most remote regions on earth may have a couple undiscovered larger mammals, but on land it's becoming increasingly likely we've documented all of them.