Pabuk's Pacific Crossing

The weather for the next few days will be fairly benign. If you have to cut the grass or do any other outdoor chores, Wednesday and Thursday will be your best bet. 

Now to talk about something a bit more interesting, since that's the whole goal of the blog.  

1. Typhoon Pabuk is currently ravaging the waters offshore japan. Want proof?



2. You're probably wondering what this has to do with weather in BC? It'a nearly 8000 km away, but believe it or not you'll feel its presence in approximately five days.   

 3. The GFS Model is currently expecting the typhoon to transition to an extratropical state over the next 72 hours, and then re-intensify as a very powerful extratropical cyclone...


 Red line denotes forecasted track 

Red line denotes forecasted track 

4. To make matters worse, a run-of-the-mill pacific storm will arrive Saturday evening, then less than 24 hours later the remnants of Pabuk will make landfall somewhere along the BC coast.

Conclusion: A lot of precipitation this upcoming weekend BC. Warnings are extremely likely if the track holds. 

Pabuk Saturday Evening.jpg

I won't even begin to mention rainfall and wind speeds, because it's too early for any of the specifics. Just thought I would keep you in the loop. Keep following this blog for updates throughout the week.   





Gibbsland Lake in Australia is home to one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on this planet. The ghostly, eerie light is created when tiny organisms are moved or disturbed. 

Officially, the effect is better known as "bioluminescence." 

 Have you ever experienced bioluminescence? Comment below!