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8:37 PM: Mesoscale analysis (Wet Bulb)

Take a look at the latest wetbulb mesoscale analysis (RAP)...Wet bulb 0C purple line at the surface can be used as a rough r/s line...Right through the lower Mainland, and sagging southward...

8:08 PM: A couple maps to share with you...

HRRR shows locally heavier amounts on eastern Vancouver Island, with local accumulations up to 10 cm possible, most will receive less though..

Bands of snow will rotate around a meso-low and enhance as their travel across Georgia Strait and impact eastern portions of Vancouver Island

-YVR looks to see heaviest snow flurries between 9-11pm this evening, with lingering flurries in the Fraser Valley

8:00 PM PST

First, snowmometer has increased...

A reminder we what a 3-5 is on the scale:

3-5 Nuisance Snow (4-5 times/year)

  • The level of the snowmometer has long moved past the conversation around the water cooler and is dominating all local news sources
  • Tire shops have been inundated by the locals rushing who vow never to join the summer tire club 
  • The first stage where you might see your helpless neighbour on bare all-seasons sliding his way along Boundary Rd.
  • Buses to SFU may begin to struggle with the snow with thousands of students praying that classes may be cancelled or delayed 
  • NO snowfall warnings have been issued by Environment Canada with amounts generally less than 5 cm (locally higher)