The Great Lakes Ice Extent

 Courtesy of NOAA

Courtesy of NOAA

Not since 1979 have the Great Lakes contained more ice. Truly impressive statistic. The 1979 record of 94.7% is still in reach, but I believe it will fall a couple percent short. 

The image to the right shows lake Michigan with close to 100% ice coverage, as of yesterday.

Right now, I want to illustrate what affect wind direction can have on ice coverage.

The most recent post from CIMSS highlighted just how dynamic and unpredictable ice coverage can be. A strong northerly wind on March 5th created some rifting in some of the younger ice, with some open water forming along the shoreline. It appears a majority of the ice surface was shunted a little bit to the south/south-west

Oh, the power of the wind...

 GIF Courtesy of  CIMSS / WeatherNation

GIF Courtesy of CIMSS/WeatherNation

If you'd like to see the full resolution GIF click here, but be warned it's nearly 50 mb!

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