LIVE BLOG: August Storm Event YVR

2:00 PM

  • ~200,000 customers without power in the Lower Mainland; most significant wind storm in terms of outages in years
  • Stanley park has been closed until further notice
  • TransLink reporting various travel delays due to power grid/tree obstructions. Millennium line is also down due to a Sky Train being hit by a tree. 

11:00 AM PST

  • Destruction Island of Coast of WA recording 140 km/h gust over the past hour

Where is Destruction Island?


Puget Sound Energy: ~50,000 (WA State)

BC Hydro: ~8000 Customers 

9:41AM PST

strongest winds checking obs and radar off the coast of Washington and Oregon @ this hour gusting over 100 km/h. As front passed Astoria, OR winds reached nearly the triple digits.  

current obs winds picking up out of the SE in Georgia Strait + Strait of Juan De Fuca. 

9:10AM PST

Storm track maybe a little east of model guidance, but looks pretty accurate at this point. The closer the storm hugs the coast, the stronger the wind field will be around the Lower Mainland. 

Model vs. Reality:




Time to watch obs, but latest GFS-WRF wind gust forecast:


9:00AM PST

The occasional rainy day in August is common, but for such a robust pattern change in such a short time period is quite incredible. 

Storm when compared to climatology:

 Off the cdharts for MSLP for YVR and coastal sections of BC

Off the cdharts for MSLP for YVR and coastal sections of BC

Power outages likely for some, full foliage on trees still. The low level winds in the atmosphere are particularly strong, so some of those have the potential to mix down to become surface winds early this afternoon. 

current low pressure center: